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Spring Planting….We are more than Nuts here at Sorrells Farms….

It’s that’s time of the year and we are blessed to be able to be planting and preparing for a bountiful harvest. A while ago seeds were planted in our greenhouses and have begun being delivered cart by cart to the farm. Spring transplanting of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, and melons is in full swing. We will begin harvest some of the fresh goodies soon. The farm has been busy plowing land, laying irrigation and black plastic for planting, and attaching all irrigation main lines to care for the crops. This is a very labor-intensive time. We treasure our hard working employees and appreciate their dedication.

The trays of plants are loaded on the transplanter and off they go. The wheel of the transplanter pokes a hole in the plastic and water is then plunged into the whole. The employees then rotating planting back and forth by placing the plant down in the whole as the tractor drives over the plastic.

You can see the plants are now planted in black plastic.
We have a short video of the process on our blog post at www.sorrellsfarms.com