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Home Home Spring Tree Planting at Sorrells Farms

We are busy in the orchard with planting trees.

Over the last month we have planted 400 new trees of both the Pawnee and Wichita varieties. We are also revamping irrigation in a new orchard.

We will cut off any roots that are sticking out and will not fit in the hole.

In planting we dig holes with a drill and finish off with hand digging to ensure depth and circumference is good.

We want the tree to be planted deep enough to cover were the base was when the tree was dug. Notice we are planting bareroot trees.

One of the hardest things to do when planting is to cut off the top.  We will cut about a 1/3 off the top tree to encourage new growth and allow the roots to grow.  When the roots are growing then it will force the top.

We must cover the roots and ensure compact the soil so no air pockets are left around the roots.

We don’t want a tall spindly tree. We want the tree to branch out and you can see the tiny branches budding out on the trunk.

We then water the trees to saturate the roots. When watering our spout burrows deep into to roots to ensure they are saturated and no air pockets remain. These trees will have pecans in 5 to 6 years.